STOP THERE! If you are TIRED OF DIETING, then this is for YOU...

If you stick a few seconds, I’ll reveal to you the one secret that the diet “gurus” are not telling you.


I didn’t always know what to eat, and I was not always a dietitian… 

...from sneaking into the kitchen to eat chocolate because others said it was bad… not knowing how to control my portions and eating until my stomach would hurt… not feeling confident enough with myself because I was afraid of how people would judge me because of the food I ate…
It wasn’t until I decided it was enough and educated myself to make a change in my life that I discovered the real power of food.

Yes, that’s me. Sammy from Dietitians of Palm Valley

And I can proudly say that I’ve come a long way from
  • Wishing I could be comfortable on my own skin  
  • Being sick and tired of not being able to enjoy the food I wanted  
  • Not being able to enjoy the night-outs with my friends and family.  
  • Being a slave to my food, instead of owning it.  

Have you ever felt any of those feelings before?

And I’m not showing you this picture and saying all this to brag, but to inspire you.  
To let you know that you don’t need to try all the diets in the world to have a good relationship with food, but most importantly, with yourself.  
So let me ask you a question: Why haven’t you achieved your goal yet?  
This can’t be the first time you have tried to lose weight or feel confident with what you eat.  
In fact, if you are just a little bit like me you have probably stumbled and tested many “diets” that have left you unmotivated and wondering “what’s wrong with me?”.  
So, when is it going to be your turn to finally be happy and feel the way YOU want to feel?  

That moment is now!

At this point, you are probably thinking “what makes you, Sammy, different from everyone else?” Well, don’t take it from me. Listen to what some of our AMAZING clients have to say


So here is the secret I promised you…

You DON’T need a DIET! The weight-loss and diet industry are B$#@%&%T!

They have probably said to you…  
...that you have to restrict yourself to “x” amount of calories a day…  
...I say, B$#@%&%T!  
...they say that carbs are bad…  
...definitely, B$#@%&%T!  
...but the worst of all…  
...They want you to stay away from the food you like!  
...and once again we say, B$#@%&%T! 
It’s not about restricting yourself from the food you love or about counting calories.  
It is about UNDERSTANDING what you are putting into your body.
 It is about getting the right nutrients into your body.  
And that’s why we have created...

So, what is FRESH RESET?

It's a 6-week online course that will challenge your daily eating habits in order to ditch dieting and establish a healthy relationship with food.
It will empower you with the right knowledge to take care of yourself physically, mentally and emotionally as well.
If you ever felt unhappy while attempting to diet, then this course is for you! 

DITCH THE DIET MENTALITY and nourish your body for good!

Here's What You Get When You Join:

Step-by-Step Video Lessons

  • 6 modules with over 20 videos taught by Sammy from Dietitians of Palm Valley. Each video is a short-sharp lesson focused on you taking action and moving forward.

Workbook with Actionable Steps!

  • Every video comes with an action step so that you can always keep moving forward and change your habits! 

Access For Life!

  • Go back and review it as much as you want. It is a 6-week course, but you can do it at your own pace. We know building new habits take time! You will also have access to all future content added to the course.

Accountability & Ecouragement

  • Get access to our private Facebook group to get the support you need, join Q&As, and get tons of moral support if you get stuck. (You might even make a few friends along the way).

It's not about weight-loss, it's about YOU!

The diet culture takes thousands of dollars from you whether it is from pills, supplements, fad diets, and quick fix programs that promise you success as a smaller body and happiness.
We are tired of the diet culture mentality telling you that it is all about weight-loss.
Because IT IS NOT!
I believed weight-loss was going to be my ticket to happiness, but it wasn't!
There are actually many other habits that go into our life that affect our health, and that's what Fresh Reset is going to teach you.

Let's Take A Look at What You Will Learn:

Still Thinking About It? See What Others Have To Say!


Everyone's journey is different! And we are extremely confident that we can help you find yours through Fresh Reset.
That's why we are offering a 14-day money-back guarantee if you don't feel like you can ditch the dieting mentality and/or learn how to nourish your body properly.  

Here's EVERYTHING You'll Get!

With This AMAZING Offer

  • Access to Fresh Reset (Value $997)

  • Fresh Reset Workbook (Value $97)

  • Private Dietitians of Palm Valley Clients Group (Value $497)

  • Accountability & Support Program During The Course (Value $97)


Total Value: $1,688

But Today, You're Getting All Of This

FOR ONLY: $497 



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