TIRED OF DIETING? Time to ditch dieting and achieve food freedom!


I haven't always been a dietitian...

...I would sneak into the kitchen to binge on food because I was restricting to an extreme…
...I didn't trust my body to tell me what it needed or wanted…
...I would spend hours per day thinking about food and my body…
It wasn’t until I found Intuitive Eating that I was able to ditch dieting and heal my relationship with food and my body.

Yes, that’s me. Sammy from @BREAKDIETRULES

✖️Would workout to "burn calories" in attempts to lose weight
✖️Would eat less during the week (especially carbs) to try to "be good"
✖️Thought that drinking alcohol in excess on would help with stress
✖️Thought that her body was the problem and that it was working against her

✖️Works out to move her body and enjoys the movement
✖️Enjoys carbs at EVERY meal and snack (in addition to protein & fat)
✖️Has coping mechanisms to help de-stress
✖️Understands that our diet-culture is the problem
✖️Honors her body and trusts that her body is on her team

Listen to what some of our AMAZING clients have to say!


So here is the secret I promised you…

You DON’T need a DIET!

The diet industry is BS!

It has probably said to you…  
...that you have to restrict yourself to “x” amount of calories a day…  
...they say that carbs are bad…  
...definitely, BULLSHIT 
...but the worst of all…  
...They want you to stay away from the food you like!  
...and once again we say, BULLSHIT 
It’s not about restricting yourself from the food you love or about counting calories.  
It is about UNDERSTANDING what you are putting into your body.
 It is about learning to regain trust with your body. 
And that’s why we have created Break Diet Rules!


It's a 6-Lesson Online Course (with 3+ videos each lesson) that will challenge your relationship with food in order to ditch dieting and establish a healthy relationship with food.
It will empower you with the right knowledge to take care of yourself physically, mentally and emotionally.
If you feel that you have tried every diet and have an unpleasant relationship with food and your body, then you are in the right place!

DITCH THE DIET and achieve food freedom for good!


The course was inspired by the 10 Principles of Intuitive Eating, an evidence based practice of self-care eating that allows you to regain trust with your body!


This course includes: 

Lifetime access to Online Course with over 18+ videos

100+ Page Workbook with Reflective Activities

Guest Lectures from other Medical Professionals

Lifetime access to Private Client Facebook Group


Lesson 1 - Reject the Diet Mentality & Find Your Why            

What Is Intuitive Eating?           

Diets Don't Work & Are Harmful       

Reject The Diet Mentality         

BONUS: McCall Dempsy - Mental Health Advocate & Founder of Southern Smash


Lesson 2 - Honor Your Hunger & Respect Your Fullness           

Restrict/Binge Cycle          

Honor Your Hunger        

Respect Your Fullness        


Lesson 3 - Make Peace with Food & Challenge the Food Police

Revisit Restriction/Bingeing        

Morality Tied to Food        

The Bullseye Approach              

Challenge The Food Police        


Lesson 4 - Discovering Satisfaction & Honoring Your Feelings with Kindness

Emotional Eating - Honor Your Feelings With Kindness     

How Does Emotional Eating Present Itself        

Triggers of Emotional Eating & How to Cope               

Discover Satisfaction   

BONUS: Katie Stuart - Licensed Mental Health Counselor       


Lesson 5 - Respect Your Body & Exercise 

Body Image       

BONUS: Bri Campos - Licensed Professional Counselor     

Respect Your Body - 10 Tips To Improve Body Image        


BONUS: Ashley Hanna - Owner of Titanium Yoga       

BONUS: Podcast episode with Danielle Pascente - Personal Trainer 


Lesson 6 - Honor Your Health & Gentle Nutrition

Gentle Nutrition    

Calories & Macros   

Balance The Blood Sugar - No More Hangry        


It's not about fad diets,

it's about YOU!

Diet culture is comprised of a $72 billion industry! Whether it is from pills, supplements, fad-diets, and quick fix programs that promise you success as a smaller body and happiness...it's all the same thing, BULLSHIT!
We are tired of the diet culture lying to you and telling you that your body is the problem.
I believed DIETING was going to be my ticket to happiness, BUT IT WASN'T!
There are MANY aspects of life that affect our overall health and happiness. The Break Diet Rules course is here to help you start that journey!

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