Bombshell Bride

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our new course!


Bombshell Bride

Bombshell Bride is a 6-week program that will ensure you fit in your dream wedding gown, speed up your metabolism, hydrate your skin, flatten your belly, and cleanse your body so you can feel beautiful and confident when you say “I do”!

Week 1 - Goal Setting & Meal Tracking

Week 2 - When to Eat & How Much

Week 3 - Hydration, Alcohol, & Celebrations

Week 4 - Metabolism & Fitness

Week 5 - Stress & Motivation

Week 6 - Glowing Skin, Minimize Bloat, & Wedding Day Prep

This Course is for you IF:

  • You want to walk down the aisle looking and feeling your best!
  • You want to feel comfortable and confident on the most important day of your life.
  • You are sick of fad diets and want to learn how to fuel your body.
  • You are ready to commit to a healthier and happier you.
  • You want support and accountability to reach your goals.
  • You want to be apart of an exclusive bridal community with other brides all across the nation with the same goals!

This Course is NOT for you IF:

  • You are looking for 'quick fix' or 'magic pill'.
  • You only have a few days lead up to your wedding.
  • You make excuses for investing in your health.

Become A Bombshell Bride

Connect with brides everywhere and learn tips and tricks while shedding for the wedding.


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